Aeon Records - .Various - arise


Label: Aeon Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 March 2004

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CD Album




The future of progressive psychedelic trance might not come from Hamburg or Gothemburg underground`s this year. But from the hot beaches of Brazil. Aeon Records is proud to present a new step in progressive psychedelia. Formed by brazilian conceptman DJ Seth and Swiss groovemaster Dj Inkubator. Aeon Records shall ressurrect progressive psy profoundlesly from the shadows of a fullon cliche plague that is taking over the scene this days. Aeon sound shows a open minded great and diverse combination of elements to make any experienced ears please their needs. The first chapter of aeonic history is here presented by a compilation of 9 sublime tracks from some of the top world wide psy producers in activity.


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