Amaris Records - .Various - lunik


Label: Amaris Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 February 2007

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lunik: A Compilation that welcomes people into the Lunar Realm. Ten unreleased and customized songs from artists around the globe, that take the listener on an extraordinary journey. According to the Amaris Records ideology, music is not just meant to entertain you, but it should require you to move on the dance floor, whether at home or at a party. Lunik does just that. It is an exceptional CD that doesn?t define a time of day to be played, but rather allows you to journey to the moon on a whim. This not stop CD promises a remarkable voyage and seventy minutes of unfathomable bliss. Lunik has been mastered by Dean Picardo. Dean has also been the mastering wizard for Tantrumm Records latest release ?Freshly Squeezed?.


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