Ambivalent Records - SCORB - the album

the album

Label: Ambivalent Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 October 2003

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the album



Deep within the terraced streets of Leicester UK pulses the psychedelic heartbeat of Scorb aka Ady Connor. Ambivalent Records are proud to present his first album. No stranger to the psychedelic scene, Ady has already had a number of tracks released on Ambivalent compilations including a remix of Deviant Species' Beaver Inverter. He also has a reputation as a seamless psychedelic DJ and has been involved in many musical projects including Lysurge DJz (Two DJfs, two mixers, three decks and FX). In his debut album, simply entitled "Scorb", Ady has shown us that he has a love and knowledge of true psychedelic composition and has treated this album not as 10 separate tracks, but as a full 75 minute journey that explores intricately the depths of sound. Scorb sends spikes into the subconscious that relentlessly uncover all that it contains.


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