AP Records - .Various - chiller waves

chiller waves

Label: AP Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 November 2002

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CD Album

chiller waves



With new and unreleased tracks from established artists CHI AD., EARGEAR, SONIC FUSION, ANALOG PUSSY and ASURA, as well as most promising new comers of the last years ZEROTONINE, TRANCEFELD, SOLAR FIELDS, FINGER TWISTER and others, this collection of chill out and down tempo cuts is bound to engage you on a technological and spiritual journey you won't soon forget. As a journey of the mind through various styles and tempos, "Chiller Waves" is bound to become an after work, lounge, chill out and ambient. At times thoughtful, brooding, and sinister while calming, uplifting and soaring at others, this diverse collection of State-Of-The-Art Ambient Beats is bound to turn heads.


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