Altar Records - ASTRAL WAVES - Angelique


Label: Altar Records
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 27 September 2019

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After a very nice trip around Europe, Astral Waves aka DJ Zen from Altar Records is ready to release his 7th album. This album is the quintessence of a trip around the world, very interesting encounters, wonderful people on the road, old and new friends met at big festivals such as Hadra and Samsara, and an infinite gratitude for finding a soulmate on my path. This album was mixed in France, Spain, Sardinia and mastered at Altar Studios, Canada. I got a sweet help from Sandriel, my love who approved everything before release and helped with the sound design. Songs from the heart that tell a story, beginning with Mexico, deep respect to the Mexican family!, then we got a little walk in the forest (that can make us smarter according to "La Belle Verte") and thirdly, a deep remix of 'Tayatha' from Elea, a great band that I wanted to show my respect for their creativity. ? Fourth track has a French little girl telling a morning story to her father about the dream she had. She dreamt that : she encountered herself 40 years ago from now and asked her "Who are you ?" but the other woman, supposedly her (!) but so older replied back with defiance " but you,... who are YOU ?" ....Ha ! those dreams..full of mysteries, but can help us growing our personality so intensely without compromises! Then we got the after-sought remix track made from Dreaming Cooper "Forest Rain". I can't recall how many people during my live sets were asking me 'what is this track called dude' ? I believe many of you will be happy that it'll be released in a few weeks :) ?"Transparent" has everything in its name ! A relax psychill track with a deep twist, chants about giving thanks to Mother Ayahuasca, sure thing it is not an aggressive one. The two last tracks are collaborations with my great friend Profondita aka Hudur Shrim from Israel. We have made together "Electric Love" here in the Altar Studio when he came to play live in September 2017, later on he sent me a new track entitled "Breaking Away" to finish it. ?I have included again some French vocal samples, telling a nice story about synchronicity and energy, how we can make anything moving up from our hearths and from our willingness, how we can change anything if we're ready to! . Hope you're enjoying it. Let's soar angelic and thanks for your love.


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