Arka Sound - SUNS OF ARQA - Hindu Pict

Hindu Pict

Label: Arka Sound
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 01 January 2007

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Hindu Pict



SUNS OF ARQA pioneers of world fusion music since 1979, HINDU PICT chronicles WADADA's mission to merge Ancient Hindustani Music with Dub and contemporary dance rhythms. If you are new to the eclectic SUNS OF ARQA sound, then just sit back and prepare to be blown away... HINDU PICT is an epic compilation of tracks - more than two hours long, which tells the history of WADADA's journey, starting in 1979 when he recorded his first studio album with the Dub Mix Master ADRIAN SHERWOOD. Featuring rare footage of SUNS OF ARQA's live debut at the very first WOMAD Festival, to their more recent performance at the last GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. Including two amazing videos featuring the legendary poet and luminary JOHN COOPER- CLARK. HINDU PICT presents a stunning and prolific line-up of artists: The late GEORGE HARRISON'S favourite session player KADIR 'WHIRLING' DURVESH on Shenai. TIM WHEATER an explorer of shamanic sound healing, joins the SUNS OF ARQA on flute and sacred sounds. While the voice of the late great Reggae star PRINCE FAR-I has maximum impact. WADADA takes us into Nada Yoga, which he describes as 'music of heart and sound connection. SUNS OF ARQA have created some of the most innovative and creatively expansive music to date, here they represent a fantastic mix of musical cultures which is recognised as being without limits. Having had tracks remixed by: The REVERSE BROTHERS, 8o8 STATE, GUY CALLED GERALD, ASTRALASIA, The ORB, UNITED SRIRITS OF RHYTHM, ZION TRAIN, YOUTH and SOUNDS FROM THE name but a few! In HINDU PICT we experience Ancient Dhrupad, Nyabingy Rhythms, and Pictish-Celtic Melodies. Confirming SUNS OF ARQA, originators of Global Fusion Music.


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