Avatar Records - ASIA 2001 - Contact
ASIA 2001


Label: Avatar Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 03 July 2013

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ASIA 2001



After switching back to online from invisible mode, Martin Cooper, the respected maverick, replies to many knocks on the door, and delivers his truly Long Awaited album Contact. As a matter of fact, if there is one certainty in this world, it's that his fans are devoted to a seriously considerable level. In the process of the making of this album, we were absolutely bombarded and stunned from the feedbacks we received from his enthusiastic followers, demanding and waiting for this new one, and for subsequent touring to follow. Since the beginning of the 90s, Asia 2001 has developed a rabid following of hardcore fans in its wake with its music and the cult classic albums Ama Zone and Dreamland. This seventh studio album follows the critical and commercial success of his Amnesia album. The new one is the most self- assured album produced in his 20 year career. In the large perspective, after having paid his dues as a trailblazer, Cooper surpasses, since he is not trying to invent the wheel here, but rather deliver a message of optimism and hope without any apprehension. He reflects his ideas in a simple and clear way, and keeps a steady and measured amount of innovation, far from trying to be bombastic, something that is a sign of time when looking around...Contact is a blend of his lush classic tailor made trance, with his unique rough Asia 2001 style and sounds, and at the same time up to date refined sound. Contact deals with man?s constant desire and almost obsession to communicate with beings from another world, and sends a message of hope for a contact to be made.The album includes the DJ Mag. No.1 rated 6 Minutes For Enzo, and also includes a bonus remix of Overdream to the first track revealed from the album on YouTube, V-Link. The results of Contact are simultaneously a breakthrough and oddly familiar, the culmination of an artistic journey that has led Asia 2001 to a new crest and, somehow, back to his beginning, when the tracks on one level are his most complex, and on another they are simple and human. It just feels like we've embraced the chemistry they have. Many will find the album as a self-indulgence, an inflammatory merge of influences of Goa sound and up to date compositions accompanied by Asia 2001 style transitions and driving reefs, that together create an unrestrained sound. The album was self-produced and mixed by Martin Cooper in France, with additional mixing and engineering from Avi Algranati (SpaceCat) in Israel. Cooper grew up in the same backyard with Loren Garnier and Scan-X. After defining the meaning of Goa Trance and putting the genre on the map, history will testify that Asia 2001 left its fingerprints on the foundations of the French scene, and plays a very strong and influential role on the Goa Trance movement.


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