Axios Records - .Various - Guardians of the Light

Guardians of the Light

Label: Axios Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 19 April 2020

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CD Album

Guardians of the Light



Axios Records proudly presents its long awaited psytrance compilation, ?Guardians of the Light?, part one of a duology inspired by two major psytrance styles in the scene. The main concept behind this story lies in the dualism of light/dark, day/night, sun/moon... This edition is dedicated to the light keepers, who continue keeping the spirit alive in the music. Fellow Guardians of the Light come from the 4 directions to guard and contain a sacred space for light to emanate and embrace all beings, lifting the veils between dimensions and expanding our consciousness to traverse to a higher state of being. Compiled by B.E.N. Mastered by Ognen Zafirovski Artwork by Joe the Glow


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