Dragonfly Records - SHAKTA - feed the flame

feed the flame

Label: Dragonfly Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 March 2004

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CD Album (CD + Free Audiorip)

feed the flame



When Shaktas 2001 album - Out of Sight was described by Mixmag as... ...an awesome dark horse, progressive house at it best! An unexpected underground smash and the now defunct Muzik as four to the floor dancefloor magic. That was three years ago, a long time by anyones standards, even longer in the fickle world of club culture but Shakta looks like hes done it again. On his new album - Shakta has harnessed all his creative and commercial instincts and hit the musical bullseye. Feed the Flame is a darker and more mature album echoing in parts the progressive sound of Out of sight but also embracing the current renaissance of harder psychedelia. The deep liquid grooves of Underground and Fire complement the harder sounds of Akira and Paranoid Again on this superbly produced album.Fluid, phat and essential this album embraces a new generation of clubbers whilst deftly coaxing the thirty something generation into discovering something new. For a limited period Feed the Flame will be available with a second bonus CD of Shaktas finest remixes and collaborations including tracks from Hopefiend, Digitalis, Youth, plus the legendary club smash Into the Light. All these hard to find classics are available for the first time on CD. Shakta.four albums in and a still a talent burning oh so brightly.


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