Blacklite Records - .Various - FBI  (Fantabolous Blacklite Intelligence)

FBI (Fantabolous Blacklite Intelligence)

Label: Blacklite Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 04 December 2020

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Digital Album

FBI (Fantabolous Blacklite Intelligence)



The psychedelic bureau of Fantabulous Blacklite Intelligence (FBI) has just reported that a notable group of psytrance dissidents are roaming freely in our cities spreading seriously good vibes. Armed with powerful basslines and hypnotizing leads, these intrepid transgressors of sonic barriers and master sound manipulators are calling all party-goers to reunite under their pulsating beat. The FBI?s investigations have concluded that the gang?s kaleidoscopic 15-track compilation is the latest body of evidence confirming the power of psytrance. Unstoppable!


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