Blacklite Records - OWNTRIP - Tribal Gathering

Tribal Gathering

Label: Blacklite Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 17 May 2016

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Digital Album

Tribal Gathering



Since ancient times, Humans have been asked every day for their contribution to make this world a better place. Through ancestrals rituals and ceremonies, they could gather their energies together and experience to be really part of the Universe. With this production, titled ?Tribal Gathering?, Owntrip - at his first official release on Blacklite Records - would like you to join such spectacular celebration of life. He has worked on a special soundtrack for this occasion: three new progressive tracks with healing psychedelic melodies, daydreaming atmospheres above a full bass and drum pattern that will connect your energy flow with the global psychedelic tribe. Everyone is invited to join the gathering and to rise the whole world consciousness to a happier living. Enjoy this enchanting production and celebrate life with us!


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