Blacklite Records - B.A.O. - The Spirit Molecule

The Spirit Molecule

Label: Blacklite Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 27 October 2016

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Digital Album

The Spirit Molecule



All human beings possess both material and immaterial characteristics, that manifest through consciousness, in a beneficial loop alternating dreams and reality. With his debut Ep, titled ?The Spirit Molecule?, B.A.O. gets inspired by the mysterious DMT - the holy powerful substance we produce in specific significant moments of our life, when our intangible entity can express totally, without the limitations of terrestrial perception. As the spirit molecule opens up the layers of our egoes towards a perfect awareness of the self, this Ep is meant to flush your soul with orgasmic energy - a stream of pulsating light with no boundaries - and set your senses on a dreamlike experience. Three tracks that will rocket your consciousness out of your body, will astonish your eyes with otherworldly beings, will give you access to mystical dimensions - enlightening and heavenly, hellish and haunting. Don?t miss B.A.O. first official release on Blacklite Records!


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