Biomechanix Records - .Various - Biomechanic impulse v2, vol. 1

Biomechanic impulse v2, vol. 1

Label: Biomechanix Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 20 December 2013

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Digital Album

Biomechanic impulse v2, vol. 1



Five years have had to precede after the release called Biomechanic Impulse Vol 1, the first compilation of the Mexican label Biomechanix Records, itself which was released in 2008. The history of the passage of these years has been very wide, variable and constant, well now, in this present we have the pleasure and satisfaction of bring to all of you the release Biomechanic Impulse Vol. 2, which at some point was the beginning of our history. Our first CD, now in digital format. Compiled by the duet Digital Terrorist aka Avizz and Cyberpunk.


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