Caffix Records - .Various - Inner Belial

Inner Belial

Label: Caffix Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 November 2009

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CD Album

Inner Belial



Caffix Records from Mexico brings to us their 4th release and 3rd compilation entitled "Inner Belial". In early Christian writings, Belial was identified first with an angel of confusion and lust, created after Lucifer. Paradoxically, some apocrypha credit Belial as being the father of Lucifer and the angel that convinced him to wage a rebellion in Heaven against “God”. Taken from the darkest chapters of human psyche; Báalam, Caffix Records manager/owner; brings together this album with some of the twistiest melodies out there. Spiced up with powerful guitar riffs, fat bass lines and macabre atmospheric sounds; “Inner Belial” promises to take you on a trip to the underworld by the hand of some of the newest and most acclaim dark shamans in the psy scene.


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