Dubmission Records - PITCH BLACK - The Light Within

The Light Within

Label: Dubmission Records
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 10 July 2020

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CD Album

The Light Within



Pitch Black follow up their ?Third Light? album with a companion selection of remixes entitled ?The Light Within?. Reflecting the duo?s international status, their remixers hail from across the globe, and given the heavyweight source material it should be no surprise that the tunes span the bass music spectrum. The resultant ten-track collection is playful, spiritual and sensory, with upbeat tempos and slithering effects woven deep into the rhythmic pulses and dark undercurrents of Pitch Black?s original tracks. Bookended by uptempo versions of ?Daylight Wasting? from International Observer and Berlin bassheads qnp, ?The Light Within? features contemporary bass cuts from Portland?s Bodie and Christchurch?s Akcept, downtempo grooves by Argentinian dubsalon and South Korean mcthfg, dancefloor dubs from Mexico?s Tor.Ma in Dub and Brisbanite SUBSET, as well as drum and bass by Wellingtonian Zuke and the legendary UK producer and founder of OnU Records, Adrian Sherwood. Contemplative but cheerful, either way, as ?A Doubtful Sound? states, ?The rhythm is gonna get ya!?


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