Space Tepee - HIDEYO BLACKMOON - White Sun

White Sun

Label: Space Tepee
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 27 February 2014

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Chillout and Ambient meditative music, "White Sun" is an ethereal flight through the pure skies of the Japanese singer and producer Hideyo Blackmoon, whom we are very proud to welcome to the Space Tepee family... Hideyo's White Sun spirals with waves of sound that encapsulate you in subtly shifting fields of density and transparency. Veil after veil of shimmering realities enfold you as her voice guides you through like an angelic siren, echoing ancient futures..The White Sun is a beautiful immersive sound light experience. Penny Slinger (author/painter/multi media artist) One more great album from a great talent!!! Max Lanfranconi (Etnica) Gorgeous tunes! love hearing the" Japanese" in her music, not too westernized. Merve Pepler (Eat Static) Cosmic Serpent" is my favorite track, it's really deep track..almost ritualistic. She really found her own style, the whole album fits together...not just a collection Zen Mechanics beautiful and also remind me of some of the old ooze music Sebastian Mullaert (Minilogue) This is one of those CDs that you listen from beginning to the end. There's no bad tracks inside. Nice flow, simple, very soft and comfortable soundscapes. Paulo Dias aka dj high DJ Rinaneko (Japan)


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