Dacru Records - DIGICULT - Soul Samadhi

Soul Samadhi

Label: Dacru Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 15 February 2015

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CD Album

Soul Samadhi



Soul Samadhi is DigiCult's 4th full album to date and continues in the true spirit that defined their music so well, beautiful 'back to the roots' melodies fused together with ethereal female chants and ethnic instruments from the orient. The album stands for a 'coming together' of like-minded souls, on the global dancefloor but also through the forces working together to build this whole story. The match made in heaven that is DigiCult and U-Recken, but also Tropical Bleyage, Spirit Architect, Talamasca and Astral Projection have all been essential in bringing together this epic 'tale to be told. In the tradition of 'Out Of This World' and 'The Lucid Nation', this 4th album is remarkably 'classic' DigiCult and sets the tone for more to come in 2015.


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