Dat Universe - TOTAL ECLIPSE - Bordeaux Live 1997

Bordeaux Live 1997

Label: Dat Universe
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 12 July 2021

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Bordeaux Live 1997



DAT Universe is pleased to expand on a release we more discreetly announced a couple of weeks ago, one that showcases one of the most foundational and unique projects in the global Goa scene: Total Eclipse. As there is an actual total eclipse taking place on our planet today, it seemed like a perfect time to provide more details in this post! This fabled band has been active since before the term ?Goa Trance? came into use and has been an innovative influence on the evolution of this musical language. In their halcyon years in the 90s, the trio of French musicians produced an unparalleled volume and variety of music that embodied the incredible versatility, creativity, and expansiveness that was the heart of the scene, from growling cyber-rock stormers and energizing psychedelic numbers to playfully quirky productions and ethereal morning music. Regardless of the flavour of a given work, each was masterfully crafted, with impeccably balanced harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic elements. No band created as much music with this much variety, including the volume of both released and unreleased productions - something that this DAT Universe release will reveal as some long-secret tracks are made available for the first time. The 3-CD set ?Live in Bordeaux? features both live and studio productions in an array of styles that showcases the project?s astounding originality. The first disc centres around a superb 1997 live set that captures the incredible energy that the dynamic trio brought to their live gigs, a performance supplemented by three more numbers from another thrilling live appearance. The second disc features a selection of unreleased tracks by these innovative musicians, both alternate mixes of well-known classics as well as original compositions. The final disc is a fascinating exploration of the trio?s early work as they were forging their unique sound signatures: in an array of tempos and styles, these early productions provide a glimpse into the evolution of this uni


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