Goa Generator

Goa Generator

Label: Dat Universe
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 27 May 2022

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CD Album

Goa Generator



Infinite Zen album has been a project in the works for many years and this release is a dream come true. A long time has passed since the truth was revealed about this talented producer from Greece. Some of his tracks were traded among DAT circles and misnamed on purpose as they were so good that people would believe that some very famous producers had made them. But the truth is that behind those swirling psychedelic melodic patterns the hand of a single producer was hiding, Nikolaos, hailing from Greece. We are so proud to finally launch this release that was supposed to be an EP but transformed into a real album as more music was unveiled from secret stashes of DAT tapes. We are really happy to finally celebrate the music of Infinite Zen with you all, hoping that you will be able to dance to those memorable and classic goa productions for years to come. We continue with our mission to preserve the best creations from the heydays of the Goa Trance scene, the magical 90s, years in which all the tracks contained in this release were produced. The booklet features an equipment list courtesy of the artist and some background information, as we like to share with you what the artist told us, and for the occasion, he even contributed actively to the creation of the artwork with his beautiful photographs. Enjoy


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