DM7 Records - .Various - Seven


Label: DM7 Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 27 July 2020

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SEVEN is the number of perfection, whose mysticism has been present in human culture for centuries, listing symbols ranging from the seas to the lives of a cat, from the days of the week to the chakras of the human body, from wonders to sins. God made the world in seven days, the human being saw seven colors in the rainbow and heard seven notes on the musical scale. SEVEN is special and for us it will represent the first release of DM7 Records, in celebration of the 7 years since the creation of the DM7 brand. SEVEN is a compilation that brings together some of the greatest artists in our world, a true psychedelic trip that marks the beginning of a new journey for DM7 in partnership with BURN IN NOISE, the worldwide reference of psytrance that signs the curatorship of the project.


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