Devils Mind Records - SILENT HORROR - Seance


Label: Devils Mind Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 19 September 2011

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Celebrating its 7th anniversary. Devil's Mind Records proudly presents what may well be the first psychedelic trance album ever written in symbiosis with the oceans of the world. A marine engineer by profession, Jigar Shah wrote and arranged his new album at sea. From the shores of Australia to the gulfs of India, passing through European bays and above deep-water sea caves in the Atlantic Ocean, the music reflects a months-long journey brought forth by waves and weather, in a milieu seemingly endless from the horizon of a ship, limitless to the observer. Having been an integral part of mythological attempts to place humans in a context ever since the age of the hunters, the spiritual voyage of the sA ance links us to our ancestors and helps people make sense of the world. SA ance explores this ritual and links it with the nocturnal spectrum of hypnotic rhythms. Through immeasurable expanses of dark blue, the seance navigates, as it were, moving between the finite and the insubstantial, putting everything into perspective, the voyage of the soul at sea, to find oneself in a timeless fabric.


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