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Mexica is Zion's new EP with Dream Crew Records, The Mexican religion was the synthesis of ancient beliefs and traditions of the ancient Mesoamerican peoples, a complexity that implied the very existence, the creation of the universe and the situation of the human being with respect to the divine, closely linked to agriculture and agriculture. rain . The human concert had its reason of being in the divine nature and implied certain concepts, of which the Mexicans were the heirs of a Mesoamerican religious nucleus built over many centuries. This EP is a mixture of prehispanic sounds and totally Mexican atmospheres combined with cold and dark atmospheres that give a feeling of abstraction and powerful In Oster's memory "you will always be in our hearts" Biography ZION : Zion is the project of Davo, From Mexico, he begins to listen psychedelic music in 2006. In 2008, initialise his own music, caracterised by dark frequencies with heavy swampy atmospheres, psychedelic and cold synthesizers All of that vibe is simultaneously wrapped in mystical journey, giving space for the mind to free itself. Zion released his first track with DCR on VA Demeter Shadow (Chapter 1) Zion is now cooking his debut Album


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