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Digital Album

Modular Forest



Modular Forest is the first EP of the ModularMonkey project freshly signed on Dream Crew Records. From the studio to the forest to the marshy deserts and to the ocean, ModularMonkey invites you to visit the modular synths and the various natural sounds that surround you. This episode takes you through a set of psychedelic landscapes, mainly using its analog synthesizers. Regular bass and a dark tendency will guide you with your eyes closed to the darkest musical corners. Biography ModularMonkey : Matt Racine Aka Modular Monkey Aka Matt Roots was born in 1987 on planet Earth. For the first part of his life he traveled the world with his mother, lived in Costa Rica and Canada and then finaly settling in the Swiss Alps . In 2005 he bought a pair of record players, a mixer and learned the art of beat matching through a wide variety of genres including reggae, rock,hip hop, ska, drum and bass, old school dub-step. In 2007 he discovered a wonderful little Psy trance community who wandered the Swiss Alps throwing awesome parties. This is where the love for psychedelic music began. In 2014 the all vinyl psychedelic techno minimal project Matt Roots (Resident Advisor )was launched. He played at venues such as Weetamix and Central Station,as well as at a few raves in the Alps and at a couple of fullmoon parties in Bali and the Philipines, while his love for the art of making all this wonderful psychedelic music expanded. His first synthesizer, a Moog sub 37, gently led him down the modular rabbit hole. In 2018 the night time forest analogue mayham project Modular Monkey was launched with his first release on Dream Crew records (VA Abyssal Lights compiled by Legolize). Matt is actually cooking it?s debut EP


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