Dream Crew Records - FLEXIBABA - Shadows & Masks

Shadows & Masks

Label: Dream Crew Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 14 March 2019

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Digital Album

Shadows & Masks



This debut EP "Shadow & Mask" is a demonstration of style and a presentation of the new Flexibaba nickname & project. He tries here to mix his snare of another world and his high tech acid sides to the dark side of the darkspy and the forest. "This EP is the result of a long work around my mix and my equalization, by thanking Dream Crew Records for these long hours of accompaniment." FLEXIBABA. The real name under FLEXIBABA is Ilias Georgiou, a psychedelic producer from Greece living in athens. He is an autodidact in producing psychedelic music. His first project DARK KINE was used to diffuse hitek and acidilic stuff New project FLEXIBABA sign with Dream Crew Records is now focused on acidilic melodic darkpsy and forest stuff between 150-165 BPM. Music is his whole life and what he loves most after my family. "I didn t went to school when i was young, but it s never late to learn and i am succeding that through my love for this music. I am proud for myself, because i am the only professional gypsy in Greece specialization in this music and i hope more to come." FLEXIBABA.


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