- PLEIADIANS - Pyramid


Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 06 December 2019

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The long-awaited new album by Ibiza-based Italian duo, Pleiadians: ?Pyramid?, is finally here. Following in their illustrious sequence of albums (starting from the ground breaking, genre defining debut album ?IFO?, all the way to the immense sophomore outing ?Family of Light? and the more recent, contemporary gem ?Seven Sisters?), ?Pyramid? shows a duo still flexing at the top of their game, incessantly refining their sound and staying both relevant and innovative amidst an ever evolving genre. Grandiose arrangements and exquisitely evocative melodies segue through this sci-fi imbued, 8-track journey of alluring, interstellar psytrance - punctuated & peppered with utterly contemporary utterances as well as more nostalgic hues & references. A truly masterful sonic alloy that celebrates an ongoing artistic journey (spanning 3 decades!) blending genre-defining old school masterstrokes as much as futuristic audio sleights of hand - all majestically sheathed into the elegant, trademark blast savviness of Max and Maurizio.


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