Fractal Nebula Records - .Various - Cosmic Apotheosis

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Cosmic Apotheosis

Label: Fractal Nebula Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 26 June 2020

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CD Album

Cosmic Apotheosis



Fractal Nebula presents Cosmic Apotheosis, compiled by Jairam, an activation device designed to merge you into Oneness. 10 powerful tracks crafted by a few of the most enlightened Psychedelic trance composers of our day, designed to bring you closer to that fragile and mighty moment where existence is shattered and regenerated. Peace among worlds Cosmic Apotheosis comes in this age as the merging of the soul with technology and the environment to bring mankind closer to a divine plane. Chaos converges into Cosmos, in an infinite process bringing complexity into its manifold dimensions. The evolution of the self comes through a digitalization process where our souls become assimilated into Oneness by a centrifugal spiral force driving us into novelty and divinity. Technology innovates music, music innovates the soul, and together they participate in a higher order feeding the Universe. Cover: Fractal Metatron Mastering: Sonik Scizzor Compiled by: Jairam


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