Future Music - SKIZOLOGIC - Stimulation


Label: Future Music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 10 September 2018

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Two years of free flowing studio creativity come to fulfilment in 'Stimulation' the debut album from Skizologic. Moving away from the specifics of one platform, Skizologic combines old school melodies with modern production techniques, resulting in a unique sound that stays true to the psy core, while also bringing a fresh experience to the dancefloor. 'Dr. Strange' kicks off the album with a composed psychedelic groove, and the energy and sound spheres build up continuously as we progress through the tracklist. 'Rhinos' undeniably picks up and sets the pace for the album, followed by Hypersphere's tribal atmosphere and spine-tingling vocals. 'Project 2501' - a collab with Coexist - sets the journey in motion, reaching full bloom as we reach 'Whiplash', a powerful collab with Filteria. Individually unique yet in equilibrium, the tracks on this album fuse into one another seamlessly, forging an intelligent world of sonic stimulation. Two years of free flowing studio creativity come to fulfilment.


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