Sidereal - SOLAR FIELDS - Undiscovered Stories

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Undiscovered Stories

Label: Sidereal
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 29 November 2019

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Vinyl Album

Undiscovered Stories



Completely unannounced and out of the blue, here are the latest soundcrafts by Magnus Birgersson, the origin of which he himself described as follows: “The origin and exact recording date of these two tracks are a mystery to me: I don't know when or why or how I made them”. Needless to say, these two new tracks feel and sound 100% Solar Fields, but the Göteborg artist felt the urge to release these pieces separately and independently from everything else, hence the Undiscovered Stories EP. A couple of songs of uncertain origin that simply happened to be. Nothing else, nothing more. Solar Fields new EP is out now on wax only, in an edition of six different colors: transparent yellow, transparent bottle green, transparent royal blue, marble violet, transparent smoke and stone-grey marble. Each color is available in approximately 80 copies. Undiscovered Stories run for about 31 minutes, making this EP both a substantial work and one of the few Solar Fields releases that make it on a single vinyl.


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