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EDM Records proudly presents a new amazing track 'Fix' from Cena Balak! Cena Balak born November 8, 1992, in Ahwaz-Iran. he started playing keyboard with helping his dad at age 3 and a half. at the age 8, he left music and only started to be a listener to Electronic Dance Music. 'Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri' was the first song he heard on age 9, and the story goes on and on. Tiesto was the first influence on EDM, and at the age of 14, He started saving money to buy a DJ-Set. after DJing for few years, He left DJing and slowly start to make Electronic Dance Music, especially Trance without knowing anything about music (Because He forgets anything he learned when he was a kid), DAW's, theory of music, Harmony and etc... After struggling for some years, finally, he learned how to make music by reading books and watching tutorials on Youtube. Enjoy!


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