Parvati Records - N3XU5 - Future Noir

Future Noir

Label: Parvati Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 03 September 2021

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Digital Album

Future Noir



Future Noir is the freshly squeezed and the newest installement from N3xu5. In the form of a digital EP, 3 brand new collaborative tracks are hereby being neurologically delivered to us. As we listen to it, we can successfully and continually look forward to fulfilling, futuristic soundscapes, brought in an intense, psychedelic manner. The style of the EP ranges from foresty, mossy music to fully electric, extrasensory shocking yet therapeutic tunes. You are now and forever after guaranteed to be taken on a different journey throughout the EP, flashed forward to new states of your mind. We are also happy to inform you that on this trip, you are collaboratively accompanied by none other than 3 Parvati Records-artists, namely Jahbo, Claw and GU. Together they form a psychedelic unison, suggestively suitable for the night time dance floor. Apart from the collaboration-tracks we included a bonus in the form of a remix of "Ectogasmics & Digitalist - Hybrid Creatures". We hope this fusion of fanatically composed tracks, triggers you to look past the horizon and see beyond sanity, insanity, and most of all get a glimpse of your own continually manifested future. Mastering: Petran ?Artwork: Joe Sanchez


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