- .Various - Phantasmagoria


Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 October 2007

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Prepare to ascend to new dimensions as you experience 10 all new mind blowing 3D animated special... ...special FX videos synchronized to the worlds leading dance floor hits. Originally released on CD in Europe and Japan on the cutting edge dance label Geomagnetic Records, Doctor Spook's classic hit 'San Fran Psychos1: Phantasmagoria' spotlights 10 of the hottest new dance music producers emerging from the underground clubs, warehouses, and outdoor events in the SF Bay Area. This music is a fusion of acid trance, deep tribal beats and uplifting melodies well known around the world as 'GOA' or 'Psychedelic' Trance. Featuring the scenes hottest artists and expertly mixed by world renowned DJ/VJ Doctor Spook, expertly engineered and mastered by Chromatone Random. Now is proud to present a new step forward for this classic album and trance music in general with this stunning DVD. Experience Doctor Spook's mind mending full power visual music presented in Dolby AC3 Pro Logic Surround Sound.


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