- SCI FI - The Science Of Fiction by Sci Fi

The Science Of Fiction by Sci Fi

Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 13 March 2020

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Digital Album

The Science Of Fiction by Sci Fi



Geomagnetic Records presents an amazing compilation The Science Of Fiction featuring an all-new catalog meticulously selected and compiled by Mexican psytrance producer Dario Diaz aka Sci Fi. We are excited to make this collaboration series with a Progressive Psytrance mix and compilation and bring the new generation of trance lovers these epic gems. Starting with progressive trance tracks and slowly speeding up to a full power full-on psytrance this compilation will bring you modern production energetic psytrance from beginning to the end. Introducing a wonderful crew participating in this full power collection of psytrance musical talents we present you Vibrasphere, Sci Fi, Vaktun, Akbal, Key Mind, Multifrequencies, Wicked, Delic, Alignments, Alien Life, Antaluk, Biotech, Sentinel, Islo Redum, Malefas, Abstract Waves and Skywalker. Dario has signed with some of the most important record labels worldwide as Goa Records and Geomagnetic Records. He has shared the stage with artists like 1200 Micrograms, Shpongle, GMS, Talamasca, Symbolic, Outsiders, Spectrasonics, Zen Mechanics, X-Noize, X-Dream, Major-7, Blastoyz, Perplex, Ryanosaurus, Bliss, Atacama among others. He released his debut album 'Digital Riders' in April 2018 and now he is unstoppable. With another 2 albums 'Universal Religion' & 'Sonic Species' released in June 2018 he now has a solid history of music. He is constantly working on new music in his studio in Mexico City. Certainly a project that we can not lose sight and will soon be hearing more of his new material.


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