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Mundo Fou



Geomagnetic Records is happy to present a killer new single from the Logic-Plex Project! Logic-Plex A straight up by the book progressive psytrance project. It all started with a cool cat named Guy Schmidt that i contacted for my Va. We did that project and he gave me another project named 30-trip a duo with a mastermind named Avihay Edri. so it was clear that I could not steal Guy from Avi. But at the same time Guy presented me to another mastermind named Franco Ayup from Argentina. Me and Franco it was a match made in heavens. I told franco that we should do something as soon as possible. to both catch the good vibes that are going on and make something nice for the people on the dancefloor. we started to experiment and felt at the first try that we are a golden team together. Bringing both balance and harmony to the projects recorded in the studio. You can say that we could not hold ourselves anymore and said Let's go and share this musical peace with the people and see the reactions. at the moment we are passing the projects back and forth trying to make a proper Album next time for you guys. so we like you to enjoy Story and get enlightened as they say. Franco Ayup Aka Logic Species and Angelo Roudbari aka Pplyplex is Logic-Plex..


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