Hadra Records - .Various - Organic Groove

Organic Groove

Label: Hadra Records
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 25 February 2019

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Digital Album

Organic Groove



New various artist of Hadra AlterVision, "Organic Groove" is born to the desire of emerging artists come from differents univers all united around one theme : the mix of electronic and organic musics. On electronic rhythms and bass, the concerned artists had for mission to integrate traditional instruments, all richer one than the other, to invite us of travelling on multiple destinations, revealing us a story of every instruments. Cyril aka Lakay collected 12 various artists of different universe including tracks between wolrd music, downtempo, dubsteppa, psydub, electro rock, deep techno and prog to tribe- trance, revealing us so diverse drum kits, percussion and melodies of clarinet, guitar, Indian sitar, harmonium, Turc saz, cello, violin, banjo, trumpet, hang, didjeridoo, rhodes, keyboards and a lot of flutes, quite illustrated by diverse siniging and poems. This new VA-Organic Groove compiled by Lakay delivers us a real rich and varied sound delight, can be listening at day and night. Out on February, 25 2019 on Hadra Altervision Records. Thanks to all artists present on this project for their nice participation, to Hadra Altervision Records, thanks to allow us to realize this kind of project and thanks to every people who participating at the development of the electronic music all around the world.


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