Hi-Trip Records - ABIGAIL NOISES - Extrasensory Orby

Extrasensory Orby

Label: Hi-Trip Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 13 July 2018

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Digital Album

Extrasensory Orby



Hi-Trip is very pleased to welcome a true talent in the Forest Psy community, Abigail Noises with his mind boggling new single "Extrasensory Orb". "Extrasensory Orb" is the story about the automated world of the future. In the world where the senses and existence have been separated from human bodies and implanted into androids. People live in their metal structures... Adam Wasniewski aka Abigail Noises has been a music producer since 2014. From the very beginning focused on the genres like Hardcore, Industrial and Tech-Minimal. He successfully released several EPs in leading and well-known labels. He expanded his range of styles and became fascinated with Dark Techno. He published more EPs in which gloomy atmosphere plays a major role. And again after some time Adam felt the other need to experiment with Psychedelic Trance. It seems that his musical adventure will never end.


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