Hilltop Records - PHATMATIX - Eternalis


Label: Hilltop Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 13 June 2012

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After 2 highly successful albums and countless releases on famous compilations worldwide - Phatmatix's instantly recognisable sound is back with another dance floor blockbuster! This latest offering represents a new perspective of psychedelic dance floor music and displays another way of musical expression - the tracks s 'Love is a tragedy', 'New World Disorder' and 'A long time ago' draw the inspiration from masterpieces of some of the greatest classical music composers of all time such as Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky. It's a challenge of epic proportions to adapt and remix these legendary works of art and the crowd's reaction on dance floors worldwide have proven that Phatmatix has been more than successful in meeting the challenge. Stephane's reputation of innovative production techniques and high attention to detail is reinforced with these 9 impressive new tracks. Utilising the latest in computer technology and fusing that with a tight mix, dynamic grooves and fat bass lines Phatmatix unleashes an album that is poised to stamp his authority yet again on the psychedelic soundscape. Featuring collaborations with 'Stretch' aka Julien Fougea & Atyss, 'Eternalis' is definitely a more personal album - something that will leaves its mark on you for an eternity! Get ready for the new Phatmatix sonic experience!


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