hekwapi records - RAZZO - Endless Cycles

Endless Cycles

Label: hekwapi records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 17 February 2021

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Digital Album

Endless Cycles



The brainchild behind this debut EP release 'Endless Cycles' is Augustin Mauricio aka Razzo. A young and aspiring producer , sure to create waves with his solid psychedelic sounds and swampy beats. The EP consists of three tracks that include a collaboration with Dezzert - SquareLab Music .This EP is a musical blend of melody, euphoria, heart-pounding basslines, and mind-bending riffs. The tracks are structured around the unique style of Hewkapi and will transport you into a transcendental aural landscape. Life is a cycle, an infinite path even beyond death. This artwork reflects that idea, we have a cycle of life represented with the birds who are born, live, reproduce and die, but to transform, death is the only transition. Days are an endless cycle and this is represented with the phases of the moon, and the sun, an infinite loop. And finally, fractals, it keeps growing and growing, never stops, just like everything in life, there are endless doors that take us to infinite ways. MASTERING BY : DeepBeat Audio ARTWORK BY : Joesanchezart


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