hekwapi records - HEXAGONE - Morphogenic


Label: hekwapi records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 August 2021

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Digital Album




Hekwapi Records presents the debut EP of Hexagone, comprising of three tracks; a solo track and two collabs , one with E-Motion (BMSS Records) and other with Wimpamp. This three track EP finds its edge in pulsating bass lines and syncopated beats transporting listeners into the awe inspiring twilight realm. ~ Zoltan Kalapos Did you know that every time we are being creative, making music, making art, having a thought, etc, we are creating a morphogenic field? Well, the artwork for Hexagone?s ?MORPHOGENIC EP? depicts a big machine controlled by the one we know as ?Z?. A supreme being, creator of worlds, realities, unseen and unheard things, everything his mind can imagine he gives form, life and purpose. We all are organic machines and we all have a ?Z? in our heads.Prepare to amplify your morphogenic field, cause this is going to be a wild trip! ~ Joe Sanchez


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