hekwapi records - .Various - Gloaming Realm New

Gloaming Realm

Label: hekwapi records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 02 April 2021

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Digital Album

Gloaming Realm



Set in an alien land, the rainbow tree provides it?s magic to the remaining life on the planet. Air, energy, and other magical properties bursts out of it like litmus bubbles, beautiful colors that reminds a once vast and full of life planet , now only a few species survives and some ancient ruins can be seen on it?s red landscape, what happened here remains a mystery; the only certain thing is that alien nature has started to make way and claim it?s land. Rainbow tree is not exactly a tree, it is an organic formation, a way of nature to ?revive?, it also drips it?s magic forming lakes, wich serves to nurture flora and fauna. The atmosphere is now full of rainbow?s tree magic, almost like oxygen for us humans; it?s components gives a red look all around the planet, a planet best known as ?Gloaming Realm?. This V.A features ten splendid tracks that boasts a bountiful combination of powerful bass lines and twisted night-time leads adorned with peripheral sound effects. The hypnotic patterns in each track will transport you through a groovy journey into the twilight realm. Compiled By The Indian Fellow Mastered By DeepBeat Audio Artwork By Joe Sanchez


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