Iboga Records - ANTIX - Twin Coast Discovery

Twin Coast Discovery

Label: Iboga Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 February 2005

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Vinyl Album

Twin Coast Discovery



So at last comes the second full length album from Antix on Vinyl. Since their first album 'Lull' released on Iboga Records in June 2003, Antix had major success with their very groovy and unique morning style. They have been playing their live set at numerous events and have with success made a very good name for them self in the scene. Now two year later, Iboga Records is once again proud of releasing a very well produced album. From start to end the Strom brothers takes you on a journey in their deep soundscapes. You can truly tell that Antix has spent many hours making this album come true, and once again they surprise with a style in a new direction. This is a really must have album. Take a listen and let us know what you think!


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