Iboga Records - GOROVICH - Vortex


Label: Iboga Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 07 June 2019

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Digital Album




On a quest for a unique sound that he can call his own, Gorovich started out with the influences from his roots ? soundscapes from 90's trance music ? and in the spirit of experimental production began a process of custom made sound design. There is magic to be found in creating something fresh and new, and he found it. Every kick, every drum and every sound in the album was created by and for the moment at which it appears, and is the result of a playful process of discovery. Just like any new unbeaten path, it was filled with winding roads and unexpected challenges, but the result led to a whirling Vortex of sound. The debut album from Gorovich brings a fresh wave of sound to the dancefloor and invites us to revel in an entirely new and magical vibration of sounds.


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