Interchill Records - .Various - Gathering The Tribe

Gathering The Tribe

Label: Interchill Records
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 01 June 2006

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CD Album

Gathering The Tribe



Gathering the Tribe is a unique blend of new world grooves that explores uncharted horizons within the Californian / West Coast festival sound. With a focus firmly on female vocals, live drums and natural instrumentation, this compilation is a stunning musical bridge where the realms of acoustic and electronic sound weave together for maximum listening pleasure. Compiled by DJ Neerav, Gathering the Tribe is arranged as an audio travelogue inspired by memories of Latin American travels, journeys to summer music festivals, and the joyous meetings of friends and fellow travellers along the way. As a tribute to the vibrant live music scene currently flourishing on the West Coast and beyond Interchill branches out in this compilation to feature the music of live bands - Hamsa Lila, Sasha Butterfly & Galen Shakatura [Kin Ship], Adham Shaikh and Tina Malia - alongside familiar label artists.


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