Psylosophia Lab - .Various - Ancient Future

Ancient Future

Label: Psylosophia Lab
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 17 May 2019

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Digital Album

Ancient Future



Psylosophia Lab. is glad to present his first Various Artist Compilation "Ancient Future". This work, synthetic of a path of exchanges and collaborations, it?s a sound journey where frequencies colour the time flow in our present world and evoke a dimension both futuristic and ancestral. Psylosophia was born in 2014 as a permanent art lab. based in Napoli (South of Italy), where the first gatherings promoted Psytrance language to connect experimental and avantgarde arts with active counterculture. Psylosophia is the name we use for a way to understand the surrounding reality, the network that interlaces our present and future with that ancestral heritage too often forgotten. Self-production is the tool we use to build knowledge sharing and emancipation, stimulating the endless creativity of the human mind. In a world that consumes and get consumed, Psylosophia is metamorphosis, flow of perceptions and codes to decipher. Mastered by TRK Mastering Artwork by Vito Meola aka JuJ.


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