Iono Music - .Various - Scoping in Twenty-Nineteen

Scoping in Twenty-Nineteen

Label: Iono Music
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 27 December 2019

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Digital Album

Scoping in Twenty-Nineteen



Out next on Iono-Lounge we have 'Scoping In Twenty-Nineteen'. A selection of the finest lounge tracks released on our label this year. This selection is filled with down beats, abstract noises, ambient sounds, floating grooves and celestial vocals. All amalgamated to create this one epic compilation. Featuring tracks from our most celebrated artists including: The Bitzpan, Sapana, Motion Drive and La Claud this collection provides an efficacious showcase of our Iono-Lounge sound. From the soothing, mysterious, meanderings of 'Shaping Hallucinations' to the ethereal funkier skilful shenanigans of Letissier's 'Flying Still'; this compilation album is perfect for comforting, relaxing, blissed out - chill out moments; and the perfect end of year gift to yourself!


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