Iono Music - FLOWJOB - Beatpolar


Label: Iono Music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 03 March 2020

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Iono-Music are pleased to bring you this new album from Flowjob. 'Beatpolar' is an amazing album and begins with the title track, which is a medium paced number, filled with sweet lines, uplifting risers and cool grooves. 'Invictus' then picks up the pace with elevating arpeggiators and uplifting melodies that exalt the spirit. 'Gipsy Juice' is a quirky one, with lots of metallic sounds; crazily complimented with a freaky vocal and a deep riser. 'Twillight Highlight' is a stunning driving track which kicks everything into a higher gear and makes you feel as though you are soaring above the stars. 'Hidden Beauty' is a gorgeous tune with a stunning celestial vocal and mesmerising lines that are pure nectar for the soul. Then we have 'Soularsystem'! This track is superb - it grabs you and pulls you, vehemently through the stratosphere - out into another world - filled with killer drums and passionate melodies that reach inside and touch your heart. Following that is 'Penumbra' - a more tranquil serene tune that soothes and relaxes the mind with its cute sounds and floating grooves. 'Four Thirty Fika Monster' is a mammoth track with harsh stabs, infectious lines and insane innovative noises. Then we have 'Reverse Vacation' which adds an avant garde twist; containing lots of abstract sounds, quirky percussion and eccentric noises - all on a bed of driving beats and epic pads. And last, but by no means least; we finish with 'Panda Power'; which is a fresh innovative track; with a pounding beat, eerie sounds, twisted lines and compelling melodies. All together this is a captivating album and an incredible work of art.


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