Iono Music - R3CYCLE - Cycle


Label: Iono Music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 14 June 2018

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Digital Album




Cycles is a refreshingly epic and crazy sonic journey through melodic techno. R3cylce is Shahar Shtrikman a.k.a Static Movement, and on this montage of musical mayhem, we see him team up with the super talented Roy Lebens - for three collaborative tracks. All the tracks are prime quality. From the Balearic, trance-like dreaminess of ?Ocean Waves?, to the fierce and twisted sinister sounding ?Extremely Aggressive?. This album is jam packed with thumping basses, and pounding percussive drives, which are layered with creamy powerful penetrative analogue sounds and impactive, intensely deep emotional lines. ?Cycles? is dark, twisted and gritty, yet at the same time - uplifting, beautiful and alluring, interspersed with hints of electro. This album is one of a kind. The high calibre production combined with the magical tales each track tells - make this a must have!!


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