Iono Music - SABRETOOTH - Rmx


Label: Iono Music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 16 July 2018

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Digital Album




Iono music is proud to present the 4th studio album by Sabretooth, Ben Fraser's psychedelic brainchild. 'RMX' features remixes of some of the most acclaimed names in psychedelic trance, and some of Ben's biggest influences: Man With No Name, Sonic Species, Egorythmia, Mad Maxx, Mindbenderz, Audiotec, Sonic Entity & Relativ.Ben has spent the last 24 months on a relentless musical quest to source material from these master producers. Locked in his studio, he has then taken the tracks apart and, beat by beat, reassembled them with surgical precision into gnarling hallucinatory beasts. The album explores different facets of the psy scene - from deep-dive psy-prog workouts through to fast-and-furious effervescent blasters - but stays true to Ben's unrelenting and driving sound: thundering kicks merge with subterranean bass lines, mind-altering grooves almagamate with precision percussion, ominous effects fuse with haunting atmospheres, razor-sharp synths intermingle with screaming acid lines.... The result is a brain-melting journey through a twisted sonic landscape that fuses and confuses the boundaries between light and dark, leaving the listener hypnotised and the dancefloor delirious.


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