Iono Music - .Various - Cosmic Ritual

Cosmic Ritual

Label: Iono Music
Genre: Progressive
Release Date: 06 August 2018

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Digital Album

Cosmic Ritual



Iono-Music are thrilled to present you with this fresh selection - ?Cosmic Ritual?; which has been cleverly compiled by the maestro that is Mindwave! This album contains an epic collection of tracks including: celestial heavenly trancers that melt your heart - from Drift Away with ?Epiphany?, and Flexus with his track ?Paradise?. This comp also features crazy concoctions, cooked up in the lab - from the likes of Ilai with ?Perfect Bounds? - a track filled with dark deep drum patterns, killer abstract stabs and bleeps, all perfectly balanced with emotional uplifting lines. We have - One Function - ?Imagine Yourself (Noize Method Remix) - which takes no prisoners from the off - with its hard hitting ferocious beats and hypnotic rising melodies that pierce your soul! There?s also Stayos - ?Threshold of Light? with its sweet rousing risers, unprecedented innovative sounds, elevating trance pads and cool vocals, along with many other storming tracks from Jakaan, Flowjob, Flexus, Bezonance, Dimibo and Inivincity. This compilation is an awesomely wicked contradiction of beautiful yet twisted, sublime and insane quality sounds and really is a perfect blend for a blissed out, super sonic Summer trip!


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