Iono Music - SPECTRO SENSES - Transformation Effects

Transformation Effects

Label: Iono Music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 07 September 2018

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Digital Album

Transformation Effects



Next up on Iono-Music is the super talented Spectro Senses with his fresh release and two awesome remixes. ?Dark Source? is a new track from Spectro Senses and WPW - and it?s a monster release! A dark, eerie, tantalizing hypnotic trip that pierces your soul and takes you out into the depths of outer space. A kick and bass that pummel you from the start, layered with harsh stabs and alien sounds - this track is addictive. Next up we have his remix of Lyktum - ?Gravity Loss?. Which is progressive psy-trance at its absolute finest. A beautiful bed of a clean yet powerful kick & bass, accompanied with groovy percussion and resonating arpeggiated lines all over the arrangement. The choir fragments and a female middle eastern vocal propel you into the heavens - it?s magical and touches your soul. One Functions? magnificent ?Young Man On Acid? - gets what only can be described as the killer treatment. As always - Ronei doesn?t take any prisoners and lays on some pure unadulterated psychedelic madness! Raging from start to finish with a pumping bass line, arpeggiators and stabs all perfectly layered with truly haunting deep lines! This is one release you can?t afford to miss out on!


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