Ultimae Records - ESKOSTATIC - Serpentines and Valleys

Serpentines and Valleys

Label: Ultimae Records
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 29 July 2019

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CD Album

Serpentines and Valleys



Inspired by the unique landscapes and lights from the Ligurian region, Serpentines and Valleys presents several months of collaborative work between composers and producers, Martin Nonstatic (Martin Van Rossum, Netherlands) and Esko Barba (Marcel Montel, Sweden) - under their portmanteau moniker - Eskostatic. This Road Trip album surfaces from pure Ambient Electronica to deliver undulating Downtempo, inviting curvy basslines and morphing cadences to meddle with crafty rhythms, airy pads and rich modular tweaks. Serpentines and Valleys is brimming with emotions, stirring melodies and lush soundscapes which reveal an inventive and mesmerizing tale..


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